Passing away accommodation of Ginzan Onsen
Your passing away accommodation
Were you found?
Hot spring
While looking at the seasonal panorama which the mountains of the silver mine show
You soak in hot water slowly and stretch out hands and feet, and please heal the fatigue of the trip with mind and body.
I taste it with the five senses
I made it using the local ingredients including the seasonal edible wild plant and river fish
The taste that the village forest dishes are simple, and is peaceful is a creed.
In addition, many original dishes which devised abundant ingredients only in ingredients kingdom Yamagata,
I have a favorable reception as a taste only by the Takimikan.
The homemade soba to hit on that day on that day is a vaunted gem.
Soba restaurant Takimikan
The forerunner of this museum is one soba restaurant.
I still tell all of you about thought of the founding.
Using buckwheat flour from Obanazawa, it has just finished sawing it,
I establish it and am particular about boiling length.
Because is simple, there is not the lie, is the Obanazawa soba of the devolution from generation to generation.
Various guidance
I take the inquiry to this
TEL. 0237-28-2164