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Hot spring of the relaxation
It is modest rather than mense
I looked at the waterfall which such words matched, and there was the no hot-spring hotel in the halfway up a mountain of the slightly remote mountain from the hot-spring resort.
An appearance to be wrapped up in sound of water across the valley, and to remind of the annex of the hobby person.
Hot-spring ryokan of the moisture is my hideout on today.
With the village forest dishes of the silver mine and original dishes

The taste that the village forest dishes which I made using the local ingredients including the seasonal edible wild plant and river fish are simple, and is peaceful is a creed. In addition, many original dishes which devised abundant ingredients only in ingredients kingdom Yamagata has a favorable reception as a taste only by the Takimikan. The homemade soba to hit on that day on that day is a vaunted gem.

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Accommodation Takimikan of a waterfall and the soba
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