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I provide the dishes which fully adopted seasonal seasonal taste at the beautiful arrangement.
The handmade taste that made use of the fresh subject matter, and put true heart, and repeated one article of one article examination.
Please appreciate taste only in this museum full of rich flavors to the full

About allergic correspondence

I give every possible response to be able to enjoy a meal to a person having an allergy in this museum.
Therefore tell me in detail what kind of thing you eat in allergic degree, usual times if possible.
In addition, I hope that I have you tell until three days ago as you cannot cope with a proposal on the day.
※I cannot cope about likes and dislikes, the dishes which I do not like.
Accommodation Takimikan of a waterfall and the soba
Ginzanshinhata, Obanazawa-shi, Yamagata Nakayama 522
TEL. 0237-28-2164
FAX. 0237-28-2528
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